Courtney was an avid birdwatcher in his youth and he could whistle many songbird sounds to their pleasure. That’s where it started. Any birder will tell you about the excitement that accompanies the search, the looking, the spotting, the documenting, and the sharing. Sparrows, warblers ... then a world of people. Courtney’s photography has always been made from conversation distance. He is ready with “Marhaba,” “Hola,” “Hello,” and later with "Shukran" "Gracias," “Thanks” as well. Works.
Christian CadetArmenian Nun, JerusalemTony Benn, member of ParliamentIraq war vet at White HouseMan, Lafayette Park, DCIranian pilgrim in DamascusOld Syrian manIraq refugee, Ottawa, CanadaHaircutStreet actor, NYCBedouin woman, JordanMennonite coupleHaitian woman, BrooklynTag sale, Cold Spring, NYPalestinian refugees, LebanonPalestinian refugees, SyriaMind readerDruze Men, LebanonNew AmericanSandinista Pieta, Nicaragua