Mandean Sabean young man, Damascus, SyriaMandean Sabean mother, husband killed, DamascusIraqi mother resettled in Ottowa, CanadaYoung Iraqi woman resettled, Canada, separated from her motherIraqi father and son, resettled, Ottawa, CanadaIraqi mother and son, resettled, Ottawa, CanadaSunni family head, resettled, Ottawa, CanadaIraqi man, tortured by militia, Sayeda Zeinab, SyriaFive Iraqi refugee students with Pete Seeger, Clearwater Festival. NYYazidi family, Damascus, SyriaChristian sisters, father kidnapped, Damascus, SyriaIraqi ambassadors (previous regime), wife and children, SyriaMandean Sabean father and daughter, SyriaSon and husband killed by American soldiers, SyriaIraqi man, Amman, JordanHusband killed in Iraq, Amman, JordanIraqi women, Amman, JordanKurdish Sunni family, Amman, JordanTurkman Sunni family, Amman, JordanShia family with photo of family members killed, Damascus