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Pete Seeger: A Message For Winter Soldier

Pete Seeger from his cabin, home in Beacon, NY reflects his position on War. He does this with Iraqi war veteran Chris Miller. The video was made for the Winter Soldier Movement.




A Palestinian Woman

This documentary short film brings the viewer close to the conditions isolating Palestinians within their communities. It is filmed next to the separation barrier that Israel continues to build in the occupied Palestinian territories.Terry Boulatta, mother, teacher and community activist, shows how the 27 foot high wall surrounds her neighborhood in East Jerusalem, dividing it from the adjacent community of Abu Dis, severing the historical bonds of the two communities. The wall contributes to the suffocation of life, the latest reality for Palestinians under occupation.Terry takes us on a half hour drive to get from one side of the wall to the other, a trip that previously took only four minutes. We learn of the terminals and checkpoints through which Palestinians must pass to travel within their own territory.Terry speaks of the illegal settlements and land confiscations as elements of apartheid, making the settlers "the masters of the land."Alternate Focus is available on the Dish Network, Free Speech TV, Channel 9415, Saturdays at 8:00pm EST and on cable stations near you. Visit for details.


A Palestinian Woman (2007) from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.



The Camps: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon, Part 1

There are 12 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. All began as tent camps in 1948 as Palestinians fled from the northern areas of the new state of Israel after the Nakba or the 1948 war. These camps of more than 400,000 people continue as desperate, over crowded places with newer Palestinians flooding in from the 1967 war and now from the civil war in Syria. The film will have you visit many of these camps including Shatila on the edge of Beirut where the September 1982 Israeli sponsored massacre took place.














The Camps: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon, Part 2















Visit the ancient walled city of Damascus, Syria, at a time when the cultural values of the east meet those of the west, and the region is full of conflict.

We witness a beautiful city and its people, one few Americans of this period are encouraged to see. The film takes us through the maze of alleys and craft shops, to the great market “souk”, to the spectacular Umayyad Mosque and to one of the Palestinian refugee camps.

Film and editing by Andrew Courtney and Emily Perry (2005)
Running Time: 41 Minutes

Damascus from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.

















Meet Tony Benn

Tony Benn was a UK Member of Parliament for over 50 years.  

During that time and after, Tony developed an international reputation
as a special principled world leader on many issues.  His positions frequently angered
the British right wing conservatives, war makers, monarchists, poodles etc.
The more mindless opposition referred to him as "Red Tony."


Meet Tony Benn (2007) from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.



Captain Julie: Lobsterman

Documentary profiling Captain Julie Eaton, lobsterman, aboard her boat the Cat Sass, in Deer Isle, Maine. Filmed in 2009 and released in 2010.


CAPTAIN JULIE: Lobsterman from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.


African Palestinian: Ali Jiddah (2004)


African Palestinian: Ali Jiddah (2004) from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.


The Israeli Wall in Palestinian Lands (2004)

This film is made during a time in Palestine when the “Wall” that separates Palestinians from each other and from Israelis was one quarter completed. The film offers the viewer a perspective from seven diverse and ordinary Palestinians whose lives are directly affected by the wall.

You will meet a businessman from Abu Dis (a neighborhood of East Jerusalem), a young mother from Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem, a music student from Ramallah, a community center director from Jerusalem’s Old City, a farmer from the northern Qalqilya district, the director of the Stop the Wall campaign, and a member of the African/Palestinian community. Viewers will witness the effects of the separation barrier on the Palestinian people.

Red Hill Films
Total Running Time: 43 Minutes

The Israeli Wall in Palestinian Lands (2004) from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.


Construction Brigade (1984)

The New York Volunteer Construction Brigade travels to Nicaragua in 1984 to help build houses and community buildings, in solidarity and friendship with the people of Nicaragua. 30 volunteers led by a Westchester Peoples Action Coalition (WESPAC) team built the Casa Comunal in Barrio Edgard Mungia, and a school in Barrio Bello Amanacer, Managua, Nicaraqua.

Running Time: 1 Hour
Film and editing: Andrew Courtney

Construction Brigade 1984 from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.

Iraqi Refugee Lkhlass

The American occupation of Iraq has had catastrophic costs for the Iraqi people, destroying their everyday lives, their security and their future. The UNHCR estimates that 5 million Iraqis have been displaced by the war. More than 1.3 million Iraqis are now living in Syria, many of them in neighborhoods of Damascus.

The filmmakers journeyed to Damascus in 2008 to collect interviews with some of these Iraqi refugees, returning six months later for followup interviews. This is the first in a series of short films introducing audiences to the individual stories of Iraqi families broken by the war.

"Iraqi Refugee Ikhlass" focuses on one Iraqi survivor and her two young daughters. Ihklass recounts the tragic story that determined her fate as a refugee, and speaks out against the American occupiers who destroyed her world. This surviving small family continues to seek resettlement in a third country.

IRAQI REFUGEE Ikhlass from Andrew Courtney on Vimeo.