Andrew Courtney Citizen Artist Photography | Dissent

“Dissent defines Democracy.” The system has to be actively participated in or we live in an oligarchic dictatorship. Dissent is to polish and sharpen and criticize all along the way. Never forgetting what we learned in grade school. “Of, By and For the People.”
Iroquois paddlers and Two Row Wampum"Real Men Don't Buy Sex""I Am a Man""Jobs, Not War"Episcopalians for PeaceCode PinkRaging GrannyNo to FascismIraq Veterans Against the WarWall Street, where crime really paysSurvival of the richestAgainst Apartheid"Don't Tread on Me"Stand with Planned ParenthoodWe are not afraidWar is not the answerBan warSend the rich to warRecovering ZionistRaging Grannies