Andrew Courtney Citizen Artist Photography | Greetings

I always engage one way or another with the people I make photos with. Means language and gesture. In Nicaragua its “Hola,” or it's “Marhaba” in Palestine. In Xhosa speaking South Africa it’s "Molo Unjani" and in Viet Nam its "Chao Chi," “hello, may I make a photo with you?"

The doorways, the entrances are just that. Doorways to relationships that are friendly, respectful and treated as a gift giving experience. Many times it leads to a welcome across thresholds. And I want you with me. Sometimes your shyness or cultural timidity tugs the other way. Sometimes not and we all enjoy having a tea next. Cultural sensibilties always apply. My camera and my introductions are never invasive. I feel out the moment before the shutter clicks.
Bluefields, NicaraguaHuehuetanango, GuatemalaGDR, East Berlin. Last DaySantiago de Cuba, CubaCienfuegos, CubaHavana, CubaSantiago de Cuba, CubaTrinidad, CubaHavana, CubaShatila Camp, LebanonCounty Mayo, IrelandBelfast, Northern IrelandRama Cay, NicaraguaCorn Island, NicaraguaApartheid destroyed Township, South AfricaPort Elizabeth, South AfricaCrossroads Township, South AfricaTakosa Township, South AfricaDien Bien Phu, Viet NamDien Bien Phu, Viet Nam